Session 2

Jessica's Daily Affirmation (Track 1)

Session 3

The Backwards Brain Bicycle (Bonus)
3 Steps to Saying Good-bye and Good Riddance to Trauma (Bonus)

Session 4

Break On Me (Bonus Track)

Session 5

Having the Courage to Face It​ (Bonus)
One Thousand Steps (Bonus)

Session 6

Scene from Good Will Hunting​ (Track 2)
Poem by Staceyann Chin (Track 3)
It's All About Perception (Track 4)

Session 7

Be Who You Were Meant to Be​ (Track 5)
Diamonds (Bonus Track)

Session 8

Secrets to Release Anxiety and Feel Calm & Confident (Bonus)

Session 9

The Journey (Bonus Track)

Session 10

I Didn't Know My Own Strength (Bonus Track)

Session 11

Shake It Out (Bonus Track)

Session 12

Let 'em Go (Bonus)
The Power of Vulnerability (Track 6)
We're All in This Together (Bonus Track)

Session 13

5 Ways to Juice Up Your Sex Life (Bonus)
9 Elements to Your Sexually Empowered Life (Bonus)

Session 14

Woman Thou Art Loosed - Scene 1 (Track 7)
Woman Thou Art Loosed - Scene 2 (Track 8)
Poetry of Rage (Bonus)
Strength, Courage, and Wisdom (Bonus Track)

Session 15

Searching for Angela Shelton - Scene 1 (Track 9)
Searching for Angela Shelton - Scene 2 (Track 10)
5 Steps to Live Happily Ever After No Matter What Crap You've Been Through (Bonus)

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