Are you fed up with feeling like a doormat? Are you so busy rescuing everybody else that you can't take care of yourself?

One of the greatest impacts of abuse is we develop an inability to speak up for ourselves, ask for what we need, or honestly communicate what we think or feel about a situation. We feel compelled to conceal, to hide our genuine thoughts, feelings, and, ultimately, ourselves.

So how in the world are we going to be able to set boundaries!?

Boy have I been there! And I can't wait to share with you what helped me put an end to running away from communicating so I could finally set the boundaries in my life that were needed in order to feel safe, free up my time and energy, and finally break free of taking care of everyone else but me.


During Rachel's course, I learned that it was okay to say "no" - and learned how to communicate my "no" clearly, with confidence, and in a way that not only protected my needs but was respectful to the people I care about as well.


Most importantly, you will be given many opportunities to:

In other words, this isn't a boring ol' lecture, but rather an opportunity for you to explore, take notes, and engage -- so plan to listen with pen & paper ready so you can capture all of the insights I know you'll gain from this training.

And of course my intention is that you finish the class with not only the desire to take better care of yourself by setting boundaries, but also the confidence that you can actually do it.

She also helped me in strengthening my integrity so that I can fully trust myself to take charge of my life (essential in having boundaries). Now that I have the tools, I can better navigate my journey.


I'm Rachel Grant and I'm a Beyond Survivor!

I want to put a stop to survivors of abuse feeling broken, unfixable and absolutely frustrated because it seems nothing they do is helping. Honestly, it really pisses me off when survivors are not able to have the lives and relationships they deserve. Whenever I hear stories of survivors giving up, falling deeper and deeper into despair, or worse, being further traumatized by people who are supposed to help, I get so upset. It also reminds me of my past and how excruciating life was for twenty plus years.

I was definitely convinced that there was no way out of the pain, constant instability, and struggle to set boundaries. It sucked, but I found a way out and I would love to support you in doing that as well.

I hope you will download this master class that has been specifically designed to help you reach a place where you feel confident, joyful, and empowered.

The strategies I’m going to share in this class are practical,
easy to use, and the most effective ways I know to
overcome the "people pleasing" and pain that comes
when we lack boundaries.

Rachel has thought through a curriculum that really helps you to learn the key skills you need specifically as a sexual abuse survivor.

~Sasha Cagen - Beyond Surviving Graduate & Author of Quirkyalone


Write and I will help you out. I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner.